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How did you get started as an image consultant?

Well I think it’s in my makeup, being raised by an interior designer. I was raised with that background. My mom was also a cosmetologist and so I had that. I just always loved playing with hair, so that’s where I started. Then a few years after that is when I got my aesthetics license, because I really liked make up as well. So that’s really been all of my life. I just always loved the whole experience, of start to finish on people. You can really do a lot for somebody’s image in a few hours.

What is your background in the beauty industry?

I went to beauty school right out of high school. I got a scholarship though a   beauty pageant that I was in, so I came back and used that to enter the field. Literally right out of high school. I have always done hair and makeup. In addition, I was raised by a father that was in the construction business, and  always had a husband who’s been in the construction industry, so I’ve always worked in that arena as well. So it just seems like I kind of had my hands in business operations, but I was always doing something with hair. Not to age myself, but it’s been over 30 years now that I have worked in this industry.

What challenges that you’ve had to overcome in your business?

My biggest challenge was image, but now that’s what I specialize in. I was bullied as a child and having 2 best friends created a situation where I went home daily crying, because no 3 girls can hang out together and always get along- 3 isn’t a good combination. I always used to feel like the little odd one out or the ugly duckling. Looking back, the challenge circles around ‘am I good enough, am I smart enough, am I pretty enough, am I playful enough, fun enough’?. But ‘enough’ is only a basis of comparison to others, I don’t need to be in competition with anyone but myself. It’s huge just knowing that you are good enough, you’re living your truth when you are correct in the colors that you wear, and you feel good about yourself. So I think those have been the biggest challenges, I was fighting with my own image and my own beauty, and now I know that what matters is what I think matters.

Who is an ideal client, and what you do for them?

I want an ideal client to know that they matter. A few changes and I can have them be that person that walks into the room and gets noticed. So if they are wearing their true colors they radiate. Whether they are an executive,  a celebrity, a speaker, or an author I can help them get that extra polish. I have interviewed clients that are entrepreneurs starting up new businesses as well as quite a few successful entrepreneurs. Whether new or seasoned, they said without a doubt that they would not be so successful if they had not hired somebody to work with them with their colors and design image. It’s what to wear and how to wear it. My ideal clients would be the types of people who are open to getting out of their comfort zone and who want to move ahead. They want more in life. I can help anyone wake up to a whole new world of possibilities, give them a new makeover. My program includes me going to the client personally, and spending 2 full days with them making these changes. My ideal clients are those people who want to design a successful image that allows them to radiate as they enter a room.

What specifically do you offer?

I offer clients a number of packages. My favorite package is the VIP 2 day on-site consultation. It’s my favorite because my entire 2 days are focused on this one client. It is such a rewarding experience. Before I show up, I interview the customer so that I have an understanding of their goals. Then they send me some pictures and complete the personality profile overview. We schedule my 2 day visit and then I fly to work with them. These 2 days are devoted to a package of services. We have the personality profile, the makeover, the color analysis, and we work on what to wear and how to wear it. The personality profile results help us build that confident radiant person within. The makeover, the hairstyling according to movement, the clothes lines that incorporate the colors and design for this person will all reflect that radiant confident person we want. We take photos and create a book so that the client can continue to use these tools long after I have gone. By the time I walk out the door there’s 5-10 outfits they have ready to go. They know they’re going to turn heads. Now that they understand the colors that are best suited to them, the client can shop with success. It’s easier, because they know which colors are really going to shine on you with your eyes. It is such a rewarding experience.

‘Dreams by Design’ is a Business Breakthrough Experience. I offer this 12 week workshop both live and online. Clients discover how to live life on their terms, make every day their A Game, and how to live with consistent action. As a certified coach and instructor/educator, I am excited to offer this new business breakthrough opportunity. The program comes with tickets to semi-annual/monthly? events that are found on my website:

‘Million Dollar Image Consultation’ is a shorter program than the VIP program. However, it includes the building blocks that are offered in the VIP program. This includes a personality profile, a personalized color pallet, a discussion of what to wear and how to wear it, and offers an energy flow analysis. The consultation is customized to the client, but does not include any onsite visit.

‘Attracting Abundance Imagery Session’ is now available as a live seminar or through the purchase of a CD. This is the gift that keeps on giving because it helps those who have the image design piece down, work on their dream life for wealth and relaxation. The benefits are totally amazing. I think anyone who is going through transformation will be over-the-moon with the incredible results from this program.

Those clients who want a piece of this program and a portion of that program are welcome to contact me. We can work out a customized package that will meet their needs. (see contact information at the end of article).