As the Founder/CEO of RAWndalicious, Chef Rhonda Beyreis is a firm believer in: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” – Hippocrates. With the goal to create wholesome foods and teach others the value of healthy choices, Rhonda is a Citrus Foreman, Vegetarian Recipe Developer and Trainer, and a graduate of the Living Light Culinary Institute.

Currently, Rhonda host retreats on a 500-acre sustainable property off the grid where she holds cooking, off-the-grid, gardening, solar, and sustainability classes, to teach others how to not depend on the government for survival, all the while living a healthy, happy, and energetic lifestyle.

Beyond the realms of the United States of America, Rhonda has been seen and heard in the hearts of Guatemala, Philippines, Egypt, Tanzania, Ghana, Italy, and Zimbabwe, as a Humanitarian Medical Practitioner and Spiritual Food Speaker. While abroad, Rhonda studied each country’s culinary flare to better understand the culture and foods available from around the world. When not working her passion, you can find Rhonda donating her time to prison ministry to preach the Word and build platforms for Felons to obtain employment with ease.

Rhonda’s personal adventures includes her purchases of antiques, with her collecting habits beginning in 1991 and items dating back to as early as 1823. As a wife and mother of two, Rhonda enjoys quality time with her family on her horse ranch and traveling. Keeping up on her physique, health, spirituality, and intellect Rhonda enjoys reading, exercising, attending seminars, and participating in civic affairs.

More about Rhonda
Food and Beverage Service 1981-1992
Buyer seller of Antiques 1991-1994
Citrus Foreman 1994-2000 (understanding Organics)(or the lack of honesty in it)
Prison Ministry 2005 to present weekly group preaching and cell side, Now working on also teaching mental interrupt and providing a Network marketing opportunity and searching out other type of work sponsors to provide work platforms who will hire a Felon as well as raising sponsorship funds.
International Humanitarian Medical Practitioner and Spiritual Speaker Food classes 2005 to Present (Guatemala, Philippines, Egypt, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe)
Vegetarian food prep 2003-2005
Vegan Food prep and teaching classes 2005 to Present
Living Light Culinary Institute Graduate 2014
B.A.N.K. Certified Personality Trainer/Coach 2015 to Present
CEO RAWndaliciousLLC
500 Acre Train Facility to Country Living and Sustainability (Prepper)
Author 2018 The 40/40 Rules-Wisdom From 40 Women Over 40

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