Episode#67-The Red Carpet and Andrea Adams-Miller





  • Attract the right people
  • How to have more Publicity
  • Why Publicity is important
  • Why RED?

Public Relations Strategist at The RED Carpet Connection Publishing, Publicity, & Talent Agency
Works at The Umbrella Syndicate
CEO & Keynote Speaker · January 1999 to present · Findlay, Ohio
As a leading international authority on “Healthy Relationships,” I show people how to put the “REAL” back in relationships by showing them how to ignite the spark, fire, and passion in their business relationships and interpersonal relationships through Keynote Speaking, Business Consulting, Relationship Consulting, and as an Author, Columnist, and International Award Winning Radio Show Host. Sign up for my newsletter and three free gifts at www.IgniteYourRelationships.com

Join Myself and my friend Andrea Adams Miller as we talk about Publicity, the Red Carpet, and why you should have it.
Adrea has had many different kinds of businesses. Probably why we get along so well!
She is a true MULTIPASSIONEUR! That is what I call Entrepreneurs who are passionate about multiple things! She definitely fits that mold.

Andrea is amazing at her craft, and can really help you shine your light.

Give us a listen for more juicy details!

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