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The 4D’s of Communication with Brigitta Hoeferle

  Brigitta Höferle, born and raised in Germany. Entrepreneur and Leader at heart since age 6. At age 33, she, her husband and their daughter left their home country to move from Munich to small town Tennessee—on their own dime without corporate support. All she had was a business plan and the drive to succeed […]

Inspired Visions with Michele Hoffecker

Michele Hoffecker has been investing in real estate for over 20 years. Michele and her sister Jeanne Chizek enjoy mentoring students and sharing their knowledge and expertise to teach wealth building through investing in real estate at Sistersbuyhouses.com. Michele of Sister Say, having an entrepreneur spirit! is writing a children’s book series with her sister […]

Internal Programming with Cindy Roemer

  Cindy believes her clients can create the life they want quickly and easily. She works with her clients to help remove their internal programming that gets in the way of their success and create new neural pathways for positive change. Her passion for creating excellence in herself and others is what motivates her to […]

Network marketing Master Sandi Cohen

  Network Marketing Master Sandi Cohen. Sandi is committed to guiding others to achieve financial, spiritual success, and P.O.M. (Peace of Mind) for over two decades, so they too could Live Life As It Should Be!   Leading by example to hundreds of thousands, and personally mentoring 48 families to achieve million-dollar status. Sandi and […]

Music, Marketing and Raising Men-Aimee Bucher

AIMEE BUCHER Aimee has been busy in her first 45 years on this earth. She’s a classically trained pianist with two degrees in music education and has taught at every level from preschool through post-graduate. Since then, she’s done lots of things including being a stay-at-home mom (four boys!) and running a small web design […]

Amazing Mani fester – Melissa Kirk

Melissa helps people create the life they want. According to the Law of Attraction If you want something different you have to be something different. She helps others to create more money, their ideal transformation, their perfect mate and helps them with self-discovery. Melissa has a psychology degree, ten-years-experience in business and is also a […]

Momprenuer Coach Rhonda Cimorelli

Rhonda Cimorelli is a Certified Transformational Coach, happily married for 30 years. Her journey began over 25 years ago, teaching skin care as an Independent Consultant. As her career progressed, she included teaching business skills and marketing strategies to women. As a result of her desire to see women succeed at being their best, she […]

All About Heart Virtues with Tamara Montana

Tamara Montana is committed to innocence and authentic self-expression, and uncovering the hidden treasures that lie within. As a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Heart Virtue Expert, Tamara shows us where we get stuck in relationships and how to transcend the internal prison walls that prevent us from experiencing the intimacy we crave. Her passion is […]

Adoption of Special Needs Child- Veronica Fox

Veronica is an Ohio native and really loves the changes in the seasons. She has been a Realtor for 25 years and still enjoys bringing a buyer and a seller together. She helps as a caregiver for an elderly Alzheimer’s patient a few times a week. Veronica writes poems and music lyrics. She adopted a […]