Introduction by Holly

I don’t think inside the box.
I don’t think outside the box.
I don’t even know where the box is!”

In my mind, I found myself often saying: “Step away from the box, and get rid of the box. Don’t limit what you can do by boxing yourself in.”  Compared to the masses, I have always been a different type of thinker when it comes to life. I know there is typically a better (or more unique), way to get things done.

The word (my word), is Figureoutable…which means…everything can be figured out. I whole-heartedly believe, and know, everything is figureoutable. When you limit yourself to what is truly possible, you are in, what I call, Box-Thinking mode. In this book, you will be coached, not only on how to get out of your box, but on how to get rid of your box altogether.

“Many people will only love you,
as-long-as, you fit into their box.
Don’t be afraid to disappoint them!”

How do you think it would feel to have NOBOX? I encourage you (if you must), to kick, stomp, and/or step away, in order to change your thinking—change your mindset—so you have NOBOX. Simply put, “Do whatever it takes!”

“Instead of thinking outside the box,
get rid of the box.”

This book has been on my mind for a few years, and it was only recently when I realized exactly what it would look like, how it would be articulated, and how it would reach you. I know, without a shadow-of-a-doubt, for this book to accomplish what it was created for, it must include the following 4 attributes:

  1. FUN

I am guessing, you are like most, in that you love to be entertained. Am I correct? This is exactly why I have structured this book in a way that allows you to enjoy the process of getting UNBOXED; all the while, feeling and knowing that you are part of the process, through relation
and visualization of the lessons within this book.


As you read and learn more about which shoe persona you are, you will feel my presence as I take this adventure with you. Along your adventure, be sure to give thought to why you do what you do, and what motivates you to succeed in both life and business.


Goals. Goals. Goals. Ever-flowing goals. Ideas are everywhere, and quickly turn into goals. Before you know it (if you are none-the-wiser), you find yourself with goals and deadlines impossible to achieve—not seemingly impossible; rather, truly impossible. More than likely, you have set goals that send you on a rocky road to please everyone who surrounds you. As you take your adventure through this book, please keep at the forefront of your mind, you cannot be everything to everyone, and it’s okay to just BE YOU. Know that, “You are ENOUGH.”


For years I have studied personalities and what makes people tick—what makes them who they are and do what they do. I may not be the end-all expert or shoe expert in personalities; however, the shoe personas remind me of the movie, What Women Want, starring Mel Gibson. Knowing what I know, I’m not sure Mel Gibson ever truly figured out what it is that women want. (Of course, not from lack of trying.) Truth is, women can be a challenge to figure out sometimes. Perhaps it is the one thing that isn’t figureoutable…well, to men at least. Now of course, this is only my opinion. However, good thing some men like challenges.

With that being said, answer this: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Yin or yang energy? Do you know what that even means? If not, would you like to? Before you take the shoe persona test in this book, you will see a short description of Yin and Yang Energy, and Fire, Air, Earth, and Water Elements. This way, you will better understand your test results.

One thing I want you to remember as you read this book is, this book is designed to be fun for you. So, be sure not to get caught up worrying if your shoe persona is far different from your friends. Know that, we can all learn from each other. Even more, remember the importance of loving others for who they are, and loving yourself for who you are. In all reality, we all march to the beat of our own drums. Some tunes are louder, and we can hear them coming from a mile away; while other tunes you can barely hear at all. However, whatever beat you march to, know, it fits perfectly with who you are—never apologize for it. So, let your hair down, put your big girl panties on, and let’s play!

“It’s not about the shoes,
it’s about what you do with them.”
—Michael Jordan

Yin and Yang Definitions 

Yin Yang is widely known as the two opposites that complete the whole. Two forces in the universe, according to a Chinese theory, in which energy divides and whose fusion in physical matter brings the phenomenal world into being.

Yin is the passive feminine energy. Water is a yin energy, and its passive nature allows you to easily move your hand through it. Yin energy accepts and gives over to its surrounding energy. Earth is also yin energy. When yang energy is added to yin energy, it becomes either a creative or destructive element. The nature of passivity appears to be weak, but its strength comes in its ability to transcend other energies.

Yang is the active masculine energy. According to this theory, wise people will detect these forces in the seasons, in their food, and so on; and will regulate their lives accordingly. Yang energy is aggressive. The power of yang energy is what drives creativity. Passion and fire fuel yang energy. Fire and air are yang elements.

The Element of Fire

Positive qualities: decisiveness, vigorousness, zeal, enthusiasm, courage, decisiveness, power of creativity, daring, passion, sedulity.

Negative qualities: quarrelsomeness, irritability, urge to destroy everything, immoderacy, jealousy, voraciousness, urge to destroy everything, vindictiveness, violence, hate, anger, sudden ebullition.

The Element of Air

Positive qualities: vigilance. Care-free, kind-heartedness, optimism, trusting nature, clarity, lightness, independency, dexterity, diligence, smiley, joy, acuity.

Negative qualities: lack of perseverance, dishonesty, gossipy, backbiting, cunningness, garrulousness, touchiness, inconsistency, prodigality.

The Element of Water

Positive qualities: mildness, understanding, placidity, trusting, devotion, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, modesty, fervor, pliancy, meditativeness, internalization.

Negative qualities: heartlessness, possessiveness, indifference, laziness, indolence, lack of daring, rigidity, unstableness, dejection.

The Element of Earth

Positive qualities: conscientiousness, consistency, punctuality, resistance, caution, responsible, firmness, carefulness, reliability, ambition, sobriety, respectful, matter-of-factness.

Negative qualities: superficial, laziness, stuffiness, indifference, cumbersome, lack of conscientiousness, touchiness, irregularity, timid, scornful.

Personality is the core thoughts and feelings inside of you, that tell you how to conduct yourself. It’s a checklist of responses, based on strongly held values and beliefs. It directs you to respond emotionally, or rationally, to every life experience. Your personality even determines how you react to others. It is an active process within you that manages how you feel, think, and behave. Knowing more about yourself and others is vital to your success. Your core personality can never be changed—it is yours forever! You can however, develop skills in other personality personas. Next, I will guide you through a shoe test to help you discover your shoe persona—your personality.

“Successful women can still
have their feet on the ground,
they just wear better shoes.”

Both books