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“The questions in this book are insightful, and the responses are riveting. The 30/30 Rules is a must-read book for anyone who is contemplating how to be adept as an adult.  This book would have been a treasure to own when I was entering the decade of my twenties.  Having an opportunity to hear the voice of thirty women, who admit what the decade of their twenties was really like, and what they learned along the way.”

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The 30/30 Rules is a five-star thought provoking, self-reflecting, and inspirational piece. This riveting masterpiece will guide you effortlessly through life no matter your age. The intelligence displayed in this book is life changing for anyone who reads and applies its content.

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“This book was enlightening in that it has taught me how successful women overcame their struggle. Many times, it was not just them, but a team that brought on their success. It is a great read for anyone wanting to see how their future-self would communicate if they could! The best part was the daily practices each of these women had, whether it be journaling or seeking spiritual guidance.”

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Dr. Heather Pearman

“To the brilliant women of the The 30/30 Rules: What I Wish I Knew in My 20s By 30 Women in Their 30’s…the abundance has just been unleashed. The 40/40 Rules: Wisdom from 40 Women Over 40, was an absolute, life changing, expansive, ever evolving experience. It was an honor to be amongst 39 amazing brilliant women, and to know that your thoughts and experiences may change someone else’s life for the better, is beyond rewarding. I always wanted to be a published author and now I can say “I am.” “Thank You Holly Porter”, for sharing your visions and bringing them to life!”

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Ashley Howard Nelson

“The 30/30 Rules presents thirty women in our thirties who have soared, glided, stumbled, scrambled, and scraped our way through our twenties.  Inside these pages, we vulnerably answer questions sharing how we each made our own unique journey to successfully arrive to our thirties.  Having been everything from a tennis and basketball coach, to makeup artist, to furniture salesperson, to realtor, to health club owner, to author, to CEO, to wife, to mother, and more (and the other 29 women with their unique backgrounds and experiences), you are sure to identify with an aspect of our lives to help you in yours.  As a thirty-something-year old, I read The 40/40 Rules and gained wisdom and insight from the women in that book, and was able to identify with them and be comforted by the words they each shared. It is my hope this book will show you that everything you have done, been through, will do, and will go through is OK. You are ok. You are, in fact, more than that! You are worthwhile! You are worth it! YOU are worthy! Even when you do not feel like it, you are! Be strong and courageous! We all have a different journey, and each journey is unique! Your journey is uniquely beautifully YOURS! Embrace it!”

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Ashley Howard Nelson



Introduction by Holly

“Ask yourself the easy questions
and you will have a hard life.

Ask yourself the hard questions
and you will have an easy life.”
—Peter Thompson

The 30/30 Rules book series was brought to existence after The 40/40 Rules book project was unfolding. There were many women who didn’t meet the age requirement of forty and older, who wanted to be part of our awesome project. So, it was then I realized, the younger generation could also benefit from the knowledge of their elders.

The 40/40 Rules, subtitle is, Wisdom from 40 Women Over 40. That fit perfectly; however, I felt, The 30/30 Rules was more of a collection of women who could give their knowledge of a do-over (so to speak), and share information with women in their twenties. In these chapters, the women share how making some shifts in their life, or doing things differently, would’ve benefited and enhanced their life as to where they are now.

You are more than likely starting a family, or raising a family, struggling or have struggled with a relationship, went to school or are going to school. We have all been in our twenties, we get where you may be. The self-sabotaging thoughts, feeling of inadequacies, peer pressure, family pressure, and all of the rest, we have experienced ourselves. Therefore, we know that what we can share with you, will be priceless when you let us in, let go, and are willing to surrender.

In this book, it will be revealed to you, why these authors were selected to be part of The 30/30 Rules project. They are bright, brilliant, and even a little bold! They have much to share of their experiences, trials, and tribulations, and how they turned those experiences into success. I can’t wait until you dive in and read all the juicy details, find out what they recommend, and what they would change (if anything), about when they were in their twenties.

                                               “I always pass failure on my way to success.”
—Mickey Rooney

You will always hear me say, “You are Enough.” It is true, and I feel it to my core. Other’s may be there to rain on your parade and make you feel inadequate. We are all here to guide and support you, so you can feel, and know, you are enough.

“Success is achieved by those who have
the will to make it happen!”
                                 —Holly Porter

Questions The Authors Answered