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Holly Porter is the CEO and Founder of The Image Designers. Holly is an International Speaker who inspires business breakthroughs and personal transformations. Holly uses her knowledge to give her clients the tools they need to gain and sustain success.

With over thirty years operating as an entrepreneur, Holly is a certified coach, licensed makeup artist, instructor, holistic practitioner, and trained public speaker. Holly is all about the relationships with others. Her work with personality profiles and color analysis shows customers their inner beauty, and generates self-confidence. Her unique gift of listening and problem solving is what makes her stand out from many others.

Author of six books, including four #1 International Best Sellers. Holly has inspired and assisted over seventy other women in reaching a new level of success. Holly”s  published books are titled: The 40/40 Rules: Wisdom From 40 Women Over 40, The 30/30 Rules : What I wished I knew in my 20’s by 30 Women in their 30’s, Peeking behing the Scenes: a deliberate path to success, Goal For It: Thirty Paths to Imagine more Success, and her newest, Inbox Outbox Unbox Nobox: Four Steps to Delete Your Box Thinking.

When Holly is not working to accomplish million dollar makeovers for her clients, she can be found relaxing with family and friends in elite locations from around the globe. Furthermore, you can find her expanding her knowledge through books and conferences, fundraising, and tending to her eight children, seven grandchildren, and husband, Scott Porter. Holly currently resides in St. George, Utah.


Joseph Compton

Holly is an expert at her craft of hypnosis. She helped me overcome some of my limiting programming and beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my true potential, particularly with my profession. With her assistance I was able to triple my production and I expect to at least double that again and again in a short period of time. Her methods are simple straight forward, and effective. If you are looking to improve results in some capacity of your life or career, I can promise you it is something subconscious that is holding you back, and Holly can help you tweak and shift those subconscious blocks. I highly recommend Holly for hypnotherapy.

Joseph ComptonStudent Adviser REI Success Academy