What Others Are Saying About Holly Porter

I appreciate the opportunity to relate my experience as a client of Holly Porter. One of my appointments involved a complete facial and hair make-over. Although an exciting experience to anticipate; it is also a situation in which you need to have complete trust of the cosmetologist. The final look in the mirror assured me I was correct to make the decision to have Holly use her talents on me. This was reinforced by every person I saw after the services were complete as eyes lit up and everyone asked me WHO had accomplished my own little miracle! Thanks for letting me relate my experience.

Judy SchneiderJudy Schneider Images
 Don Preston

Holly is an amazing entrepreneur, and one I would follow into combat. Her decision making process is 2nd to none. I will recommend Holly on every level. Thank you!

Don PrestonMedicus Global, LLC

Holly and I have worked together on several projects in the community and she has impressed me as someone who really cares about her clients and associates. She is honest and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the client and owner is satisfied. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

Ron LarsenPresident at InSite Engineering

❤️I did a Hypnosis session on this beautiful gal. She came prepared wanting some help on a specific thing in her life and sent me this later! Thank you ?Cin I am grateful for your confidence in me. I would love to help you have some breakthroughs too. If you're feeling stuck or a little challenged in business or your personal life give me a call let's work together.! 435-531-6623?

Posted by Holly Porter on Monday, October 31, 2016

I have had several opportunities to work with Holly in her profession as a realtor and as a small business owner. I have also known her to be an influential, concerned and active member of her community. Holly is knowledgeable and motivated with the ability to multi-task and see a project through to the very end. Quality and reliability is important to her and she proves this in the way she works for the benefit of her clients. I am very comfortable in recommending her.

Chauntelle Cornwall PoppExecutive Secretary to the Mayor, City of North Las Vegas

I am happy to give my highest recommendation for Holly Porter. I have served on different boards with Holly and watched her lead teams and complete important projects successfully. She is a very highly motivated individual who can be counted on to do exactly as she promises. I have recommended her for leadership positions and welcome the chance to work with her in the future.

Dean O’DriscollDeputy Director of Athletics at Southern Utah University

Holly means business. She is serious and passionate about her work and gets involved in every aspect of her market. She is fair, works fast, and looks for win/win relationships. I know that when we work together, I can count on her to manage things on her end expertly and look out for everyone else as well. Holly is also personable and friendly. She is genuinely interested in others and contributes well in a team environment. I would recommend her for about any business relationship.

David GrantChief Operating Officer at More Good Foundation

Before I had my first session with Holly I was struggling in a fight against time, feeling stressed while procrastinating a few things that were really important for my business and also my book. I had some doubts as to whether I could be successful and was stressed about money. So I asked for her help. I can help other people with these things but everyone needs help sometimes. She helped me get in touch with the roots of my stress from a long time ago and we shifted some things so that I showed up confidently at my next business presentation just a few days later. I started rolling forward in my book and started really believe in people are helping me to do things and I am not just doing everything myself. My stress now around money is so much less, I feel calm knowing it will all work out. I ended up doing something that’s been on my list for over a year recently and all this focus is helping me avoid overworking while still getting things done. I feel calm and confident. Just what I wanted. Thanks Holly!

Sofia Wren

Thank you so much for doing my colors. I had some rockin clothes that I felt so comfortable in and received lots of compliments about how well the colors looked on me! Working with you changed SO much in my life.

Jenn Sebastian Baltrons
Joseph Compton

Holly is an expert at her craft of hypnosis. She helped me overcome some of my limiting programming and beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my true potential, particularly with my profession. With her assistance I was able to triple my production and I expect to at least double that again and again in a short period of time. Her methods are simple straight forward, and effective. If you are looking to improve results in some capacity of your life or career, I can promise you it is something subconscious that is holding you back, and Holly can help you tweak and shift those subconscious blocks. I highly recommend Holly for hypnotherapy.

Joseph ComptonStudent Adviser REI Success Academy