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Dr.Greg Sanders

Dr. Greg Sanders is the Founder & CEO of EZ Digital LLC, and visionary behind the EZcard, an affordable yet powerful digital media card. EZcard can simultaneously serve as a digital business card, a mobile website, and a smart-phone “web app.”

EZcard started in local markets near St. Louis, Missouri, but has now expanded throughout the United States. As an innovative and flexible technology, EZcard serves individual businesses, networking groups, speakers, authors and influencers, events and event planners, and even chambers & community leaders as a “Town App” for communities.

Greg was also selected as 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Southwestern Illinois Business Association. With a Ph.D. in sociology, Dr. Sanders taught at Greenville University (Greenville, IL) for 25 years, and 5 years before that in southern Michigan.

He was a Department Chair and served for one year as the President of the Illinois Sociological Association. Greg also lost two children in late 2018 to untimely deaths, and speaks on the subject of recovering from grief, and finding your life-work balance when tragedies occur and life turns your world upside down. He is also a spiritual leader in his community and enjoys music, writing, speaking, tennis, biking, soccer, pickleball, and Hallmark movies. He retired from teaching in 2016 to start EZcard.

From one perspective, he is a very unlikely CEO of a software company. He is not a programmer, and while he speaks various foreign languages and plays over 20 instruments, he doesn’t speak “programming geek.” However, six years ago he had a clear vision of how to put the power of the smartphone into the hands of ordinary people, and EZcard was born.

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